How To Write Your Book 10x Faster With Tucker Max

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Tucker Max didn’t always see himself as a writer – he just enjoyed the process. A self-proclaimed asshole, Tucker had luck with the ladies that led him to chronicle his experiences into a blog — before blogs were cool.

It wasn’t until years after his blog gained traction did Tucker begin to see himself as a writer. He’s had not just one New York Times Bestseller, he’s had multiple.

Now Tucker and co-founder Zach Obrant have launched the Book in a Box Method which is a simplified and structured way to write your own book.

Through interviews and extensive outlining, Book in a Box editors help prospective authors clarify their ideas, then turn their expertise into a manuscript. Then the company publishes and markets the book while the authors retain the rights,” explains Upstart Business Journal.

Today I’m speaking with Tucker about why he’s decided to help others write their books, the types of clients he’s worked with so far, and where he sees the company going in the next few years.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • When the last time Tucker was really embarrassed
  • Why he launched the Book in a Box method
  • What the process of Book in a Box is
  • Who some of the most interesting clients are that Tucker has worked with
  • Where he sees the company in a few years
  • His definition of living limitless


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